As the cold winter days start to creep in, our main heating bills start to rise and anybody who “lets the cold in” is given a warning. Keeping the heat in ends up being a concern and with single glazed windows allowing between 50%– 70% of the heat to get away, it makes sense to think about double glazing for your house. And it’s not simply keeping the heat in and the cold out, there’s a variety of advantages to setting up double glazed windows, consisting of conserving cash.

Decrease of Heat and Sound

Double glazed windows are not just for winter season. Normal single glazed windows transfer both sound and heat quickly. In the summertime, sunlight warms up the house, either causing pain or increasing your cooling expenses with the use of fans and a/c. Any sound from outside– (car alarms, traffic, barking pets) can be heard inside your home. With double glazing there is a gap in between the panes, which decreases the transmission of noise and traps either the heat or cold, making a more comfortable environment for you and your family.

More Security

Single glazed windows are easily broken, even without any special tools or weapons. This provides simple access for petty thieves and absolutely will not prevent an expert robber. Modern double glazed doors and windows can hinder any unwelcome guests therefore giving you higher peace of mind.

Reduced Energy Bills

In the winter season, heating bills are probably a topic discussed in every house. Thinking about how much heat can be lost through single glazed windows, this has a significant affect on heating costs. Given that energy expenses are always increasing and particular fuels are no longer cost-efficient, it makes good sense to attempt and reduce your energy expenses wherever possible. It is approximated that cost savings of up to GBP 115 a year are made on an average semi-detached home. Double glazing saves money on both heating in winter season and cooling in summertime, and you’ll appreciate the money in your pocket.

Better for the Environment

Climate modification and global warming are hot subjects at the moment and for good reason. In the past year alone we have seen irregular weather systems wreaking havoc due to the highest temperature levels on record. How can your double glazing help? It lowers the quantity of green home gas emissions from your house by your reduced heating and cooling expenses, in turn reducing your carbon footprint. Seems like a win-win to us.

Increase the Value of Your Home

An included bonus of setting up double glazing suggests that when you come to sell your home, it will add value to the asking rate. Double Glazed windows that are ‘A’ rated are more appealing to a possible purchaser. Plus, with a typical life expectancy of around twenty years, you know it’s a great investment for the future.

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